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Calcium, Dairy and Strong Bones– What’s the Evidence?

A recent survey by The Dairy Alliance found 89% of parents believe children today do not get enough calcium yet admit they do not know how much calcium they need. Turns out, parents are right! In fact, adolescents seem most at risk for not getting [...]

Tournament Travel Tips to Fuel Young Athletes

For athletes, spring and summer do not always equal down time. Instead with warmer weather comes travel tournaments, road time, and stops at fast food eateries. Travel can challenge an athlete’s food choices and sleep, undermining performance and bone health. According to a recent survey [...]

Building Kids Bone Bank: An Important Role for Moms

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate Mom’s many roles from carpool queen, to coach, to counselor, to chef. Is there anything a mom can’t do? Having a toddler myself, often my biggest mom challenge is convincing my two-year-old to [...]

Dairy is Key for Strong Bones

Healthy bones are built through diet, exercise and the sun, and it's all about timing. Even though we may not see the effects of weak bones until later in life, bone building begins in childhood. Both men and women build bones until they are around [...]

Up Your Snack Game with Dairy

It’s true, when it comes to recreational sports for kids, there isn’t a need to replenish and refuel, like a collegiate or professional athlete. However, parent provided snacks are ingrained in the culture, and part of the fun and fellowship. As a sports dietitian and [...]

Music and Milk at Nashville’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon

You’ll probably find more sneakers than boots hitting the ground on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee this weekend as more than 25,000 runners are set to compete in the 19th annual Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series® race. The course begins among Nashville’s famous honky-tonk bars, ends [...]

Pack the Perfect Picnic

Spring has officially sprung: the warm sunshine is starting to peep its way through the clouds, trees are showing off their fresh green leaves and, unfortunately for most, a thick layer of yellow pollen is coating all of the outside surfaces. While we battle our [...]

Say Cheese, Grilled Please

A grilled cheese sandwich holds many memories for kids and adults alike. With National Grilled Cheese Day around the corner, it’s time to look at why grilled cheese is a fun and nutritious addition to many eating plans. Like all dairy, cheese is a beneficial [...]

Dairy and Frozen Foods: Two Ways to Go Further with Food this Month

When most people think of March, they may think of St. Patrick’s Day, the beginning of Spring or even March Madness basketball. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I automatically think National Nutrition Month®! This month’s theme happens to be “Go Further with Food,” which ties [...]