10 Milk Drinks to Leap into Fall 

nutty cocoa maca smoothie: milk drinks for dairy nutrition

For cozy days or fun-filled nights, these fall-flavored milk drinks are the perfect way to treat yourself as you gladly leap into the fall season and its oh-so-colorful piles of leaves. These 10 drinks feature milk and other dairy delicious foods that make your favorite fall flavors even better. Which will you choose? 

Delicious Fall Inspired Milk Drinks

nutty cocoa maca smoothie dairy nutrition

This Nutty Cocoa Maca Smoothie combines milk, Greek yogurt, and chocolate whey protein powder to power your spooky season! Blended with nut butter, maca powder, cinnamon, and banana. Milk provides the protein you need to stay energized and focused throughout the day. 

Acai milk tea lattes drinks made with real milk

The superfood acai berry is rich in antioxidants, fiber and omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids. Paired with nutritious frothed milk steeped with just a hint of basil, this Acai Milk Tea Latte is the perfect way to relax and unwind as the fall chill hits. Steep an Acai-flavored tea bag and simmer milk in basil leaves. Bring everything together, adding Acai powder and honey, and it is ready to enjoy. 

Peanut Butter Cup Protein Smoothie

The Peanut Butter Cup Protein Smoothie proves satisfying nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult. Three simple ingredients make this filling smoothie super easy to put together, even on busy weekday mornings! Combine chocolate milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, and creamy peanut butter into a blender with ice cubes for a sip that will take you back to your childhood Halloween hauls. 

Southeast Dairy Association - South Carolina Spicy Milk Sipper Cranberry Orange Spice Cooler

The Cranberry-Orange Spice Cooler is the best game-day drink. Boil cranberry juice, orange juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg together. Remove from heat and add spiced tea bags. Once steeped, stir in sugar and chill before blending together with vanilla ice cream. Garnish with orange slices for serving and help your fellow fans relax after that stressful play. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate Banana Frappe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this protein-filled, energy-boosting Chocolate Banana Frappe. Blend chocolate milk, milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen banana, cocoa powder, ice cubes together for a frothy, sweet treat. While the chocolate sprinkles are listed as optional, they are a must for anyone looking for extra sweetness to fight the scary movies playing in your living room.  

Southeast Dairy Association - pumpkin pie smoothie

It isn’t officially fall until you have a pumpkin drink in your hand. This Kefir Pumpkin Pie Smoothie is a great option for those who love a good pumpkin spice sip but want to get the most out of their drink. With more strains of good-for-you probiotic bacteria than most yogurts, kefir is a great start to any day. Blend kefir with pumpkin puree, your essential pumpkin spice, maple syrup, almond butter, and ice for your new go-to morning smoothie. 

Southeast Dairy Association - sipper

Don’t let Halloween fool you. Chocolate is not only for the kids. Enjoy this soothing Chocolate Comfort Sipper in the morning with breakfast or as an afternoon treat. Both the yogurt and the chocolate milk contribute high-quality protein to the drink. Prepare chamomile or chamomile lavender tea, then combine it with chocolate yogurt, chocolate milk, cocoa powder, and sugar or a sugar substitute in a blender. Puree until the mixture is frothy, then pour into mugs and microwave until warm. The final product is a chocolate treat that adults can feel is made just for them. 

Southeast Dairy Association - tangy apple cooler

Pumpkin is the obvious star of the autumn season, but we could never enjoy fall without apple. With bobbing for apples, walking through orchards holding a fresh cup of apple cider, or even a Halloween prep snack of chocolate-covered apples, apple is just as important to the season as pumpkin. Try this Tangy Apple Cooler sure to please the whole family. In a blender, combine a diced Granny smith apple, vanilla Greek yogurt, orange juice, almonds, honey, and ice cubes. Once smooth, blend until frothed, then serve in a chilled glass. 

Southeast Dairy Association - lactose free hot chocolate

This Festively Lactose-Free Hot Chocolate is blended with warm fudge sauce for a chocolaty treat. You can buy store-bought hot fudge or make the fudge sauce at home using sugar, cocoa, vanilla, sea salt, butter, and lactose-free evaporated milk. Heat lactose-free milk and the fudge sauce before pouring into mugs. Top with marshmallows and enjoy a lactose-free treat everyone can enjoy. 

maple cinnamon milk tea

This soothing Maple Cinnamon Milk Tea is light with just a hint of sweetness to balance out the spice. While this is great warm, it can be served cold for those warmer fall days that feel more like a summer morning. Steep black tea bags in water. Simmer milk and cinnamon sticks, then add maple syrup and vanilla. Combine the tea and milk mix together. Divide into mugs, garnish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon, and enjoy. 

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