14 Chocolate Dairy Recipe Treats for Your Valentine

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Whether you or your valentine are both lactose-intolerant, these chocolately delicious dairy recipe treats are perfect to make for the month of love!

Dairy Recipe Chocolate Treats

hot chocolate dip with marshmallows

Hot Chocolate Dip 

Who says hot chocolate is just for drinking? Enjoy this simple, not-too-sweet hot chocolate dip that pairs perfectly with fresh fruit or pretzel rods. By combining cream cheese, Greek yogurt, hot chocolate mix, heavy whipping cream, and powdered sugar, you will have a decadent dip to serve as part of a date night in. 

red velvet trifle

Red Velvet Cake Trifle 

Are you keeping Valentine’s Day stress-free for your family? Surprise everyone with this showstopper dessert at dinner! Using hot chocolate whipped cream adds a special touch to the classic dessert. The trifle is easy to prepare by using a red velvet cake box mix. Served in decorative glasses your family will enjoy a special treat to mark the day. 

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake 

This cake has the perfect combination of bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate. It’s not too sweet, but if you prefer more of a bread taste than something cakelike, bake in a loaf pan and omit the chocolate and peanut butter glaze. 

Sweet Drinks

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate-Almond Coffee Cooler

Chocolate Almond Coffee Cooler 

If your sweetheart is an iced coffee lover but you are a novice, combine cocoa powder, sugar, almond extract, milk, and instant coffee for an easy and chilled caffeinated drink.

Southeast Dairy Association - the fairway cafe mitchell london hot chocolate

The Fairway Café’s Mitchell London Hot Chocolate 

You only need three ingredients to make this rich and creamy homemade hot chocolate: milk, chocolate milk, and semi-sweet chocolate. Using semi-sweet chocolate instead of cocoa powder is the secret to the creaminess. With such a luxurious taste, go ahead and top it with whipped cream. Your valentine will appreciate it. 

Chocolate Comfort Sipper

Chocolate Comfort Sipper 

Enjoy this soothing warm chocolate and chamomile beverage for a moment of togetherness and relaxation. Both the chocolate yogurt and the chocolate milk contribute high-quality protein to the drink.

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate Banana Frappe

Chocolate Banana Frappe 

Before a night on the town, serve up this energy-boosting chocolate treat. Made with chocolate milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, and banana, it is sure to satisfy your partner’s sweet tooth without spoiling everyone’s appetites for dinner. 

Ice Cream

Blackberry Dark Chocolate Ice Cream 

Sometimes we all want to end an eventful day with a scoop of comforting ice cream in the evening. Share this ultra-creamy custard-based ice cream with just the right amount of tang from the blackberries and sweetness from the dark chocolate chunks.

Southeast Dairy Association - chocolate peanut butter ice cream

No-Churn Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream 

Looking for a quick and delicious dessert that will surely impress your love? Try this easy, no-churn decadent chocolate peanut butter ice cream. You don’t need lots of experience in the kitchen or any fancy gadgets to prepare. Simply add the ingredients together and swirl peanut butter throughout before popping it in the freezer for 6 hours. 

Dairy Recipe Mini Treats

Southeast Dairy Association - Mochaccino Panna Cotta

Mochaccino Panna Cotta 

This take on the classic Italian dessert replaces the cream with milk, which not only lowers the fat content, but boosts calcium and protein levels as well. Feel free to adjust the espresso amount to individual preferences, caffeine fiends! 

Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes with Orange Mascarpone Icing

Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes with Orange Mascarpone Icing 

Flavors of vanilla, chocolate, and your choice of citrus come together in this delicious cupcake recipe. Low-lactose mascarpone cheese is used instead of cream cheese for the sweet icing on these indulgent cupcakes. Lactose-free half-and-half adds extra moistness to the rich chocolate cake. 

Chocolate Mascarpone Cookie Cups

Mini Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecakes 

The perfect two-bite cheesecakes with a simple sugar cookie crust get a decadent update with milk chocolate chips and tangy mascarpone cheese topped with chopped toasted hazelnuts. These are a great option for that partner who always wants “just a bite” of this and that.

mini chocolate cream pies

Mini Chocolate Cream Pies 

Served in mini mason jars, these single-serve pies are for the sweet and salty lovers. A crushed pretzel crust and chocolate filling topped with heavy whipping cream, caramel, and toffee, this dessert can be a sweet treat to enjoy all week long. 

Southeast Dairy Association - chocolate mint cheesecake

Chocolate Mint Cheesecake Bites 

These bite-sized cheesecakes made with chocolate cookie crumbs and a minty cream cheese topping are a wow-worthy dessert—and a great size to spell out any love notes for those that need that extra pinch of romance to the treat. 

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