3 Dairy Dad Jokes to Share This Holiday Season


Dad jokes are truly awful, somehow wonderful creations. You keep a few jokes in mind for any occasion, waiting for the perfect moment. Then, the half-groan laughs fill the air as your audience applauds your creativity but wishes you didn’t try.  

Because of this “so bad it’s good” method, dad jokes can be shared anywhere. The grocery store is full of pun-worthy foods and the car as you pass signs provides plenty of unique opportunities. It just takes some wit and cheesiness (and not the kind you find on mac and cheese). This holiday season, as the kitchen is filled with delicious foods, entertain yourself (and maybe your guests). Bring the dairy dad jokes to the dinner table. 

Here are a few you can try on your audience. 

What do you get when you pamper a cow? Spoiled milk. 

Cute, but not really true. A happy cow gives more quality milk. That’s why barns include amenities like automatic brushes for cows that need a little pampering. When it comes to quality, spoiling the cow brings great-tasting milk. 

What do cows read each morning? The moos-paper. 

It makes you wonder what breaking moos they need to catch up on. It’s either milk prices or new feed options. 

What does the dairy farmer say to the cows at night? It’s pasture bedtime. 

It’s more like it is always past their bedtime. Cows don’t need to count sheep to get some shut-eye. While cows may sleep more at night when it is quieter, they can be caught drowsing during the day on their beds.  

These dad jokes are sure to have you focusing on dairy this holiday season. For dairy tidbits to share at the Thanksgiving table this year, visit our Dairy Farming section for more information you can work into your routine.  

And if you need some ideas for Thanksgiving, browse these dairy puns.

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