3 Dips For After-School Snacking

hot chocolate dip with marshmallows

After a long day of learning, stomachs gurgle and growl in anticipation of dinner. Quiet the hunger for after-school snacking with fruit and dairy-based dips that children of any age will be happy to snack on. Try the three Greek yogurt dips below for after-school snacking that will leave everyone satisfied until dinner.

This simple dip is made with peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and honey. Serve up to the peanut butter lovers for an easy way to deliver even more goodness. Of course, every peanut butter snack is better when it is served with a tall glass of milk. Here is a similar but lighter peanut butter whip to serve up.

Everyone deserves indulgent treats. Marshmallow creme, cream cheese, and Greek yogurt are combined for an easy, sweet dip. Serve up with a fruit mix that will disappear once the kids discover how amazing the combination really is.

This dark chocolate dip is made for the entire family. Take cocoa powder, yogurt, and cream cheese for this yummy dip, serving with fresh fruit slices like strawberries. Whether serving to the kids or the “not children anymore” teenagers, everyone will be clamoring for the bowl. If you aren’t a dark chocolate fan, this Hot Chocolate Dip is a good alternative that can be served with pretzels.

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