3 Drinks Made with Real Milk for a Holiday Energy Boost 

nutty cocoa maca smoothie: milk drinks for dairy nutrition

The Christmas season is magical, but it requires lots of planning and energy to make the magic ever happen. With one feast out of the way and another to go, you need to keep your energy levels high until Santa is on vacation recovering from his long night. Read on for 3 drinks made with real milk you can choose for a much-needed holiday energy boost. 

Sweet Caffeinated Drinks 

gingerbread latte

Many cannot begin their day or power through the afternoon without a strong cup of coffee. Bring the holidays to your needed caffeine boost in other ways besides a snowman mug. Enjoy the flavors of the Christmas season all year long with this homemade gingerbread latte. Use your choice of espresso or coffee to customize this creamy, spicy latte. Once this becomes a holiday-boosting favorite, you can double or triple the syrup and give it to friends or family as a Christmas gift to share your new favorite. 

Flavored Milk 

Santa isn’t the only one who can use milk this December. This Honey and Lavender Flavored Milk recipe tantalizes the tastebuds with homemade lavender honey syrup and matcha added to delicious milk, resulting in a drink that brings you energy and holiday warmth. If you are looking for an option that fits more for your everyday life, this horchata recipe using real milk makes it easy to prepare your energy-boosting drink in advance. 

Powerful Smoothies 

Smoothies are a great way to combine ingredients for a good-for-you sip. The Green Machine Smoothie combines sweet apples with spinach and Greek yogurt for a tasty energy boost. Or the Nutty Cocoa Maca Smoothie made with ingredients like dairy good milk and Greek yogurt, chocolate whey powder, nut butter, and maca powder is a not-too-sweet smoothie that helps sneak in trendy wellness foods. 

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