3 Drinks Made With Real Milk for a Restful Holiday Snooze

Acai milk tea lattes drinks made with real milk


The holidays are amazing—and hectic. You dream of elaborate meals, festive front yard light shows, the perfect gifts, and homes decorated and ready to be the backdrop of cherished memories. It requires energy and planning. And you successfully pulled off this year’s holiday dream.  


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Now that the fast-paced fun of the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, enjoy the lull before the New Year with rest and reflection. These 3 drinks made with real milk will help you drink to your health while you recover from the holiday rush. 

Drinks Made with Real Milk

Golden Milk and Other Moon Milks 

Moon milk is a warm drink used as a health remedy and to promote better sleep. Moon milk recipes include real milk, honey, and spices. 

Golden milk is made with turmeric, which gives the milk its golden color, aids in digestion, and decreases inflammation, among other health benefits. Add your golden milk ingredients to a tall glass of milk for a relaxed evening at home. 

If you are not a fan of turmeric, try other moon milks. This Cardamom Cinnamon and Honey Moon Milk combines cinnamon and cardamom with steaming milk with honey. Now that’s a sip to savor after dinner! 

Milk Teas 

Milk steamers and teas are a great way to end the day. Adding milk to the light flavors of tea brings comfort to each sip. 

The holistic among us have heard that cherry juice may help with sleep, but cherry’s tartness is not everyone’s cup of tea. At least, not on its own. This Cherry Milk Steamer adds cinnamon, honey, and warm milk to tart cherry juice, resulting in a soothing, not-too-sweet drink for those wanting to lean back after indulging in the season’s rich foods. 

Lavender Milk Steamer

Lavender, whether the scent or the soothing undertones in tea, is a common option for those looking to relax. Use dried lavender, honey, and almond extract to create this steamy milk beverage that will leave you relaxed after a long day. 

For a milk tea using trendy ingredients like the superfood acai berry, which is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids, try the Acai Milk Tea Latte. Paired with nutritious frothed milk steeped with just a hint of basil, this is the perfect way to relax and unwind as you consider healthy habits to begin in the new year. 

Chocolate Milk 

When stressed, we turn to chocolate as a treat. As the chore list for cleaning up following the holidays grows, choose chocolate milk at break time. 

Chocolate Comfort Sipper

This Chocolate Comfort Sipper is a soothing, warm beverage that can be enjoyed in the morning with breakfast or as an afternoon treat. The yogurt and chocolate milk in the recipe contribute high-quality protein to the drink, letting you take a quick cat nap to recover from the morning work before tackling the list again. 

Or you can add bittersweet chocolate and its potential health benefits to your milk. This hot chocolate combines chocolate milk and chocolate chunks together. And for added flavor, bring a rich, nutty flavor to classic hot chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and sweet hazelnut syrup. 

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