3 Easy Foods to Make While Home

Even though people are spending more time at home, it’s ok if you don’t want to spend that extra time with long tasks. You’d like to relax when there’s a chance, so you’re not interested in perfecting your skills as a cook. That doesn’t mean your mealtime will suffer! Simplify your life with meals that still make you excited for your next meal. These 3 foods you made while home are easier and less time consuming than you think, but no one else needs to know that. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Mini Dutch Babies

Dutch, Dutch Baby 

A Dutch baby is essentially a pancake baked as if it’s a large popover. Compared to a typical pancake, a Dutch baby is baked in the oven, not fried on the stove, and is thicker than traditional pancakes (though not as thick as these fluffy pancakes). A popular feature for brunch, try this Cheese and Herb Dutch Baby one Saturday morning that can be finished at dinner. For something sweet that can be a quick breakfast or a mid-day treat, try these Mini Dutch Babies topped with fruit and powdered sugar. 

Heading to the Snack Bar 

Bar-shaped food is ideal for a meal on the go, but it also makes a great snack. Who isn’t reaching for more snacks when they spend the day at home? Maple Spiced Snack Bars are full of oatmeal that get their sweetness from pure maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, and a hint of pumpkin spice. It’s a bar that will bring warmth with each bite, and all you have to do is mix, pour, and bake. If you want a treat that reminds you more of spring than fall, Lemon Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Bars combine the sweetness of graham crackers, vanilla, cream cheese, and your fruit of choice with the tang of Greek yogurt and lemon.  

A Craving with a Twist 

Sometimes you just want a good burger and fries. Make these Cheese Stuffed Burger Sliders with Onion Jam for a burger that will have everyone after the recipe. Make these full-sized if you like, but isn’t the great part of a slider that you can eat multiple and not feel guilty? 

Whatever the size, you can’t forget a side of fries. Sweet Potato Poutine with Cheese Sauce brings a Southern spin to a cheesy dish that can be made in a half-hour. You’ll be stocking up on these ingredients because once you taste it, you can’t go without it. 

When you’re not interested in trying your hand at more time-consuming kitchen tasks like breadmaking, that doesn’t mean you can’t have foods you’ll savor. Have your time to relax and create these recipes perfect for enjoying during long days at home. 

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