3 Easy Galentine’s Day Plans for Overwhelmed Gals

Galentine’s Day Plans

February is a month of love, but it doesn’t have to only be love for your partner. A simple message or day together with those you love goes a long way to encourage one another through busy, rushed days. Galentine’s Day is a fun way to share your adoration of the best gals in your life. Below, read 3 easy Galentine’s Day plans to show your love to your girl friends that need time to relax and have fun. 

Galentine’s Day Plans

Catch Up Over Brunch 

Take advantage of Galentine’s Day falling on a weekend and serve brunch for your besties. An easygoing morning filled with tasty food is always a good way to celebrate loved ones. Invite their families along if you overbought for the day. These sides will make a great addition to your brunch options.  

Make Hot Chocolate Bombs 

Create and decorate hot chocolate bombs together. Support one another as you discover the amount of melted chocolate needed to create your chocolate shell. Put out mini marshmallows, spices, crushed peppermint, and other goodies to add inside with your hot chocolate mix.  

Once the molds are cooled and assembled, grab the mugs to pour hot milk and watch your creations transform into your favorite hot chocolate. Head to the den and get comfortable as you and your best gal friends relish an afternoon without responsibilities. 

Have a Slumber Party 

Southeast Dairy Association - Three-Cheese Tomato-Basil Pizza

Whether in-person or virtually until 9 pm, stock up on face masks and nail polish, stream your favorite movies, get a mouthwatering pizza in the oven, and spend a night where you get to be silly AND comfy. Invite your favorite ladies over for a night of easy self-care. The dress code is PJs and slippers and admission is their favorite snack.  

We don’t all see the appeal of sleeping on an air mattress or in an old-fashioned sleeping bag just because we’re with friends. If your guests would understandably rather sleep in their own beds, send them home at the end of the night with goodies like soothing lotion, comfy socks, or a delicious-smelling candle. 

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