3 Healthy Recipes for After-School Snacks

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate Banana Frappe

There’s a magical appointed time every afternoon when stomachs begin to gurgle the song of hunger. Regardless of how late lunch was, once the chosen hour hits, everyone is ready for dinner much too early. And while the adults reach into their hiding spots for their favorite snacks, the children a room over, newly arrived home from a day at school, demand food, too. 

To keep them from discovering your stash of chocolate chip cookies or eating what’s already prepared for dinner now and then complaining in three hours that dinner wasn’t filling enough, have easy after-school snacks ready to serve. Use these 3 healthy recipes for after-school snacks that will tide everyone over until dinnertime. 

Southeast Dairy Association - broccoli bites

You don’t need to get creative to convince your kids to eat vegetables. You just need to add cheese! Cheesy Broccoli Bites are a delicious, healthy dairy appetizer. Providing a satisfying crunch with each bite, broccoli bites will keep your children happy until dinnertime.  

When the kids are starting to get hangry but dinner is still an hour away and there’s still homework to be done, reach for the blender. The easy-to-make Chocolate Banana Frappe uses unflavored and chocolate milk, vanilla Greek yogurt, a banana, and cocoa powder to provide an energy-filled, satiating drink perfect for afterschool hunger. 

For the little dippers, make Peanut Butter Whip or Creamy Avocado Hummus to serve with your choice of veggies. This quick snack will keep the kids happy even after they’ve cleaned the bowl. Just whip up the dip and slice the veggies ahead of time, making it easy for the kids to grab a healthy appetizer without your help. 

Using these healthy after-school snack ideas, you’ll be ready to shush the loud stomachs throughout the house and protect your secret snacks. Snack on! 

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