3 Moon Milks That are Out of This World

moon milk

We associate a lot of things with May. May is the end of spring. It hosts warm days as classes end and the grills fire up. It’s also a boy band meme and a month of puns. It’s a month that signals a change in energy as people begin to venture outdoors, making it an exciting time of year as entertainment possibilities as endless as the stars appear. One delicious drink to make is moon milk, which is essentially heated milk.

National Space Day and a beloved space opera franchise dominate the month as all eyes turn to the skies. And with this fun book about our galaxy, go beyond the milky way with dairy good space sips. Share these three moon milk recipes with your family this May. 

There are plenty of reasons that May is out of this world—or should we say galaxy? 

Delicious Moon Milk Recipes

Blue Moon Milk 

Moon milk doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the same color as its other nickname, golden milk. This blue milk adds maple syrup, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and marshmallows to milk for a sweet treat. Are you imagining a snowy tundra and furry creatures of a faraway planet? Or perhaps the cool, quiet space above you? 

Cinnamon Bun Moon Milk 

Cinnamon bun milk? It must be for the moons of Alderaan. The vanilla and almond extracts combined with brown sugar and cinnamon make milk taste just like a cinnamon roll. It’s the perfect snack break as your mind swirls with stories of what happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. 

Strawberry Moon Milk 

This strawberry milk with a dash of ginger and brown sugar is a warm treat as you explore the outer rings. With this relaxing take on a popular flavor of milk, tonight you’ll dream of colorful skies and comets passing by. 

So grab your comfrting cup of warm milk made with real dairy and enjoy the stars this May. 

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