3 Recipes for Homemade Pasta

The kitchen has found itself reinvigorated in the new decade. As people found themselves at home more, many entered the kitchen barely able to boil an egg and have since learned to make full meals without too much stress, leaving at the end of each night after a satisfying meal. 

As kitchen basics have been mastered, the rise in cooking at home has inspired many amateur chefs to challenge themselves to preparing foods from scratch. Recipes for breads like sourdough or even a fruity banana bread have been tested and perfected. And while bread has had its time in the spotlight, another homemade item its rising in popularity: pasta.  

Working with flour and eggs, pasta is the time-consuming challenge that will fill chefs with pride at mealtime. After investing in a pasta machine, the rest relies on practice. And with the need of practice comes many shapes of pasta in need of a delicious dairy recipe to go into. Below are 3 recipes perfect for an abundance of homemade pasta. 

With plenty of effort going into forming the pasta, let the dish itself be an easy-to-make meal that does not sacrifice taste. This One-Pot Creamy Veggie Pasta uses a thin pasta like linguine to bring together each creamy bite. Made with heavy whipping cream, parmesan cheese, and milk, this dish leverages the goodness of the sauce with plenty of seasoning, pasta, and veggies like cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and red kale bringing extra texture and flavor to each bite. 

For those health-focused chefs trying their hand at whole wheat pasta, create a fettuccine alfredo with a surprising ingredient. Using Greek yogurt as a base for the alfredo sauce gives a creamy base with extra protein. Once everyone at the table learns that the only way the meal could be a truer made-from-scratch dish was if the yogurt had been collected from the cow as milk, pasteurized, and given a starter by the cook, all will be amazed. 

For the chef who is tiring her family of traditional lasagna in an attempt to use up practice noodles, the Skillet Butternut Squash Lasagna is a one-pan clean-up dream. Combining lots of cheese with butternut squash, spinach, and a combination of marinara and pesto sauces, homemade lasagna will be well worth each bite of this amazing dairy recipe. 

Using these three easy recipes to use up that homemade pasta, there will soon be space on the kitchen counter to make another batch, ensuring plenty of good use for soon-to-be family favorite dishes until the next homemade feat appears.  

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