3 Recipes for Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day


Are you ready for a happy National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day? 

July 1st, the kickoff date of National Ice Cream Month, is a day to celebrate the more unique ice cream flavors the stores and local creameries have to offer. Plan to eat lots of charcoal-infused ice cream, swirling scoops of Superman ice cream or any other wild flavors combination you can think to create. 

If you’re struggling to think of the perfect ice cream flavor for the day, read on for some tasty, creative ice cream flavors made with lots of real milk. 

Instead of debating if the Blackberry Dark Chocolate Ice Cream is more pink or purple (perhaps compromising on a happy hue of magenta), get yourself an extra scoop of this wild dessert. The tart, tanginess of blackberries and lemon juice, strained into a smooth compote, are well balanced by the dark chocolate chunks. Made with egg yolks, this ice cream has a custard base that further accents this unique flavor. No one can argue on the color once it’s happily devoured.  

When you want an unusual and delicious taste, add buttermilk. It’s a not-so-secret ingredient for a wonderfully different and heavenly dairy surprise. Buttermilk gives this Blueberry Buttermilk Ice Cream a distinctive tang, which compliments the sweetness of the smooth blueberry and lime juice compote. If that’s not an unlikely enough taste for you, add plenty of crushed ginger snaps to take the ice cream to the next level in flavor combinations. It’s like a dream come true for those humid afternoons. 

For a subtle flavor, turn to the Key Lime Ice Cream. Arguably the world’s favorite pie, this flavor has made its way to an ice cream perfect for a day celebrating unusual options. Add lime juice and crushed graham crackers to your custard base for a homemade treat you’ll want to pass as a recipe of your own. 

With these three very different scoops of ice cream, make a unique flavor for a National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day that you’ll want to celebrate every day of the year. To find more unusual homemade ice cream flavors, browse our dairy-filled desserts

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