3 Salty, Cheesy Snacks You Need to Make Now

It’s snack time! More adult-focused snacks are available for all, so you don’t have to show up to work with a yogurt tube covered in cartoons or a bag of chips that never wants to open. But it’s not always perfect. For some, snacks are always either too big to finish in one sitting or so small you must prepare for multiple options. For others, there’s too much waste that comes from prepackaged snacks or they are not budget-friendly. Whatever the reason, when the craving for something salty hits, you need a solution. To help solve your own snacking struggles regardless of it’s for a night at home or for life on the go, when you want something salty, there are a variety of ways you can make the perfect snack at home. 

Don’t worry, though delicious, there is more variety in homemade snacks than ants on a log or popcorn. Keep cheese on hand to mix with salty foods for snacks at home or on the go, using these three snacks as inspiration.  

Southeast Dairy Association - snack mix
  • Trail mix is a fun snack, as it can counter the salty pretzels and cheese cubes with sweeter ingredients like candy, cereal, or dried fruit. It’s customizable, light enough to carry, and easy to portion out. The Grand Slam Snack Mix combines cereal, pretzel sticks, sunflower seeds, and cheese cubes with sweet honey, dried cherries, and warm cinnamon. 
  • The cheese and crackers from our childhoods are all grown up now. Charcuterie boards are a popular appetizer, serving cheeses and meat with fruits, bread or crackers, jam, and more. Now, you can create your own on the go. Fill a bento box or compartmentalized lunchbox with your mini charcuterie board choices, filling each compartment with one of the following: your choice of crackers, sliced cheese and meats, jam, and a mix of nuts and dried fruit. 
Southeast Dairy Association - cheese wafers
  • For the general snacker who loves salty, crispy snacks, it’s easy to make cheese crackers at home. You can bake your choice of shredded or sliced cheese. Add rice cereal for extra crunch and red pepper for flavor in these Cheese Wafers. For a thinner snack like chips, these Herb Parmesan Crisps are ready to eat in just 15 minutes. This simple cheese snack delivers the salty bite you need whenever the craving hits. 

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