3 Signs You’re Obsessed with Coffee

pouring milk into coffee

Whether it’s a coffee shop date or just the morning brew, coffee is part of your everyday life. Many appreciate a cup of coffee, but how do you separate the casual drinkers with those that savor each sip? If you do any of these three things, chances are you’re obsessed with coffee. 

You have refined tastes that require more than the standard order.  

custom drink is a wonderful concept, but when you make a coffee into a non-fat, no foam latte with three pumps of caramel and an extra shot at 165° exactly, you’ve gone too far for the average coffee lover. If a friend can’t order for you without writing it all down, it’s too much. Time beats taste when your coffee is cool enough to drink once handed to you, but someday you will perfect the order. 

Coffee is more than part of breakfast. 

You need your morning coffee, but after the pre-lunch pick-me-up and the stop on the drive home, it gets expensive. Creating a line in your budget specifically for your daily coffee trips is a little obsessive, but you’ve never claimed otherwise. 

The kitchen counters are overflowing. 

You see coffee as art, so you use the best tools for your masterpiece. You know which milk is the best to steam and which is the best to froth for latte art. The kitchen has a grinder, a scale, and coffee presses that, yes, do create different tastes. If anyone is struggling to find your birthday gift, that $300 coffeemaker is still on your wish list. You are a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur with the gear to prove it.  

Southeast Dairy Association - almond mocha iced coffee

So how many are accurate? Whether you do only one or all three of these signs, you already claim yourself as the coffee expert, so go on with your day now that you have evidence (and enjoy that next sip of coffee). 

Are you coffee obsessed and looking for a new coffee order? Add milk for a nice complement and try this Almond Mocha Ice Coffee with your favorite blend. 

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