3 Signs You’re Too Old for School

Kids are heading back to school this August, and it’s making everyone a little reminiscent. You remember high school like it was yesterday, but it wasn’t. Maybe you were in school three months ago or maybe it was 30 years ago. Either way, while some things stay the same, lots change. If the nostalgia for back to school is hitting you and your preparations, here are three signs you’re too old for school. 

You’re impressed when a school provides laptops.  

You act like it’s normal when students mention that their school provides laptops to use at school and home. Please. Schools have been introducing them for over a decade, after all. You’re stunned, though, when the laptop gets pulled out and it’s not a brick. Even more shocking is when it’s a tablet with its screen still intact! You remember when it was a big deal to get a textbook that still had a cover with no strange mouth shaped chunks missing. (You’re still not sure who in your school was trying to eat books.) 

You recognize the celebrities on the Got Milk? posters— to a point. 

A normal stop for milk in the cafeteria for students would cause a puzzle at lunch for you. The popular Got Milk? campaign ran for 20 years and featured famous athletes, actors and musicians—even fictional characters. The campaign made a lasting impact in school cafeterias, as finding which celebrities were housed near the milk coolers became a distinguishing feature from school to school. Those who were popular in the final years of the campaign should be recognizable to students, sure, but many of the older faces featured will ring some distant memory only. As for you, you recognize many immediately, laugh as you recall those you almost forgot, and then pretend to know the newer faces. The nostalgia hits hard, but it’s obvious how much the world has changed. 

You’re confused why the back to school craze hit over a month before school. 

By mid-July, ads for back to school specials began. Now, The Dairy Alliance is featuring school on the blog like Back to School, Back to Basics and Back to School Breakfast Ideas. It’s too early! In your mind, school still doesn’t start until after Labor Day in September, and you will make it clear to anyone that mentions classes being back in session. The kids wouldn’t mind some extra time for summer vacation, but with some school practices ending early June and beginning in July, a summer break ending in September is a strange concept for them. They are extremely aware of the school start date. 

School today is a strange place. Now that you aren’t missing the chance to go back to school for another grade or two, help those who are still learning. Check out our school snacks for ideas to help the kids in your life focus in school. 

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