3 Simple Summer Snacks Made with Yogurt

simple summer snacks: frozen yogurt fruit pops in ice bucket

The summertime snackers are home from school, which means parents will be on their toes to keep bellies full around the clock. Since my girls will be constantly in and out of the kitchen over the next two months, I try to stay stocked with a variety of options that are filling, satisfying, and, of course, delicious. One simple summer snack that I always have on hand that delivers big nutrition and big flavor is YOGURT.

Yogurt: A Household Staple for Health

Yogurt has been a staple in our house since the girls were small. In fact, it was one of their first foods to eat as babies because it delivered a wealth of nutrition to their growing bodies. I feel good continuing to serve yogurt as a snack now that they are older because, like milk and cheese, yogurt is a good source of high-quality protein which keeps you feeling full longer, provides energy to fuel your day, and helps muscles recover while you sleep.

Yogurt is among the most nutrient-dense snacks eaten by Americans. As a mom, I love it for my kids because it is an affordable, nutrient-rich option that continues to support their growing muscles and bones. Plus, fermented dairy foods (like yogurt) are linked to health benefits including reduced inflammation, improved digestive health, and healthy immune systems.  

Simple Summer Snacks

Kid-Friendly Yogurt Snacks

Whether dipped, sipped, scooped, or squeezed, there are SO many ways that yogurt can be enjoyed as a satisfying, kid-friendly snack. Here are 3 ways that we enjoy snacks made with yogurt during the summer.

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie: You can’t beat a 3-ingredient snack that whips up in just a few minutes, tastes amazing, and is loaded with nutritious ingredients. This smoothie uses vanilla Greek yogurt and is a yummy solution when you’re in the mood for a refreshing snack.

More kid-friendly smoothie recipes:

Creamy Homemade Ranch Dip: Serve up fresh summer veggies with a side of the easiest, zippiest DIY dip – Creamy Homemade Ranch Dip – featuring plain Greek yogurt and 3 types of fresh herbs.

More favorite yogurt dips:

Creamy and Fruity Treats:

Banana Split Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pop: Make snack time cool, creamy, and delicious with this tasty Banana Split Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pop featuring yogurt, fresh fruit, and fun toppings.

More fruity treats with yogurt:

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