3 Soothing Crafts Made with Milk

Crafts are an ever-popular way to spend your free-time and show what you’ve accomplished. Some find an afternoon of knit one, purl two relaxing while others swear at whoever had to make the needles so easy to poke and prick yourself with. Some enjoy internally debating which fabric and thread combination is right for the job while others shrug since the craft will be replaced within a year. Whichever you are, you turn to it when you have a moment because of your pride in the result. 

Take a break between the long projects. Relax your mysteriously stained body and try a small craft that you can immediately enjoy. And, even better, you already have a main material on hand—real milk! We’ve discussed milk found in beauty routines, but making these items can also lead to a fun side-craft that can help with any pain you suffer for your true art. Here are three soothing crafts you can make with milk. 

Milk Soap 

This is a craft that will produce a long-lasting batch. Milk soap has a good lather that leaves your hands feeling smooth. Creating a milk-based soap is an easy switch even if you aren’t an experienced soap maker. Combine cold whole milk with your soap base. Depending on the base, the temperature of your milk can dramatically increase. You need to take care to not scorch your milk. Add any oils, dyes, or fragrances you wish to use and set in a mold. Once the desired hardness, remove and cut into the desired shapes. Next, place these bars of soap by every sink for a handwashing that will leave your hands softer. 

Milk Candles 

This is a more unusual craft but perfect for those who love the smell of milk. Heat up your chosen wax. You can even melt the wax of old candles that are almost burned out. Once melted and without lumps, pour and stir in milk with any dyes or additional scents desired until well combined. Once you’re satisfied, prepare the candle holder. Mason jars or wide-rimmed milk bottles will work well and fit the milk-themed aesthetic. Add the wicks to your candleholder, taping the wicks to straws laid across the rim so they will stay in place. Pour the wax and let cool, leaving a candle with a smooth finish. Now all that’s left to do is burn the wick and enjoy! 

Milk Lotion 

This is a craft where you’ll need to consider how quickly you’ll use it. If you want to smooth and moisturize your skin (or gift this to someone who needs to), decide if you’ll need a preservative or not. A religious lotion user may go through this within a few weeks, while those out of habit may wait too late to use this craft. Once you know, melt your chosen oils, shea butter, and a light wax together. (Coming full circle, you may discover your chosen wax is an ingredient you used in your soap-base for milk soap.) When well combined, add warm milk. Add water if too thick. Blend well and allow to cool. As it thickens, add any preservatives, mix, and place in containers. Let completely cool before sealing. Place the lotion somewhere cool, even a refrigerator if you worry you won’t quickly use all the lotion. 

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