3 Tips for Adults Heading Back to School

It isn’t only the kids heading back to school this month. Whether it’s a career change or a long-term goal, adults are returning to school in the upcoming weeks, too. Read on if you are returning to the classroom this year or supporting someone who is for 3 tips to succeed this semester. 

Get Organized 

Life is busy. Even if school is your full-time job, you have more responsibilities now. Don’t let a sudden house emergency make you forget about your next book report. Get ahead of hectic schedules and get a planner or digital calendar to track all your classes and week-to-week deadlines. 

Block Off Your Time

The kids’ school day is set, so your day should be, too. If you are making your way through school on a flexible schedule, put family commitments and school on your calendar before you add in the fun. Keep a consistent schedule for classes, office hours, group assignment sessions, and homework. That way, when a lecture leaves you confused or technology freezes on you, you aren’t scrambling for more time. 

Eat Right and Choose Milk 

As you get back into the habit of classes and homework, reach for milk. It may not be served in the classic school carton, but it is helping you finish the day strong just like it did as a child. Every 8 oz glass of milk provides 8 grams of complete, high-quality protein to help you stay strong, energized, and focused for the next assignment. 

Milk is a simple, delicious, and affordable source of complete protein, fueling your body with 9 essential amino acids. Compared to those tempting sports drinks the night before a big test, milk is a nutritional bargain, providing complete, high-performance protein at approximately 25 cents per 8-ounce glass. Now that is a bargain when bills for tuition and books come due! 

For the adults returning to school, turn to milk as you get back into your old routine. For delicious dairy options to fuel your day of learning, check out our Dairy Recipes section. 

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