3 Tips for Thanksgiving Hosting: Show Your Milk Mustache

a milk mustache brings joy to thanksgiving

There is a reason all the holiday movies show a frazzled host running between the kitchen and their guests. A joyful occasion does not just occur, but it can with a hilarious milk mustache. As the host, Thanksgiving is a month-long preparation to ensure guests are fed and thankful. It is a project that leaves you satisfied and thankful, but also exhausted.  

This year, don’t be a host straight out of the family’s favorite holiday movie. Follow these three tips for Thanksgiving hosting that will help you stay on the path to success and be thankful for all you have. 

Split the Menu 

As the host, there is so much to do for an event that will last only one evening. You must invite guests and note any accommodations, clean the house and decorate, set the table(s), and plan events for those who won’t be deep in conversation or watching Thursday football. And that doesn’t even involve the menu planning, grocery shopping, ingredient prepping, and cooking you must do before serving your feast.  

With so much on your plate figuratively and literally, share Thanksgiving responsibilities with others. Have guests bring dessert, a side, or drinks. We have put together some easy but delicious sides and desserts that even those new to cooking can create. 

Create a Cooking Schedule 

Even when others share the responsibility of preparing the Thanksgiving feast, there are still so many items to prepare. Make a list of all the foods and drinks that will be served before planning when to make what. You can prep or bake many of the items beforehand, meaning the day of requires you to simply reheat or finish cooking the items. For example, perhaps you bake the pies the night before and reheat them an hour before the meal. This gives you more time to focus on the biggest hurdles like the turkey and finding time to be with your family. 

Recover with a Milk Mustache 

Following Thanksgiving, leftovers must be packed away, linens must be stain treated and washed, the pots and pans, dishes, glasses, utensils, and serving ware must be cleaned and put away, the furniture must be moved to their usual positions, and then you must prepare for the next holiday celebration. From planning to recovery, choose to fuel with real milk. With 8 grams of complete protein per 8-ounce serving, milk helps you stay active and recover. Milk is also a natural source of four B vitamins your body needs to stay energized. Enjoy a glass of milk or add milk to smoothies to experience balanced nutrition as you host another great Thanksgiving meal. 

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