3 Trendy Ice Cream Flavors to Make Right Now

orange ice cream in ramekin on dark background trendy ice cream flavors

Throughout July, we at The Dairy Alliance celebrate National Ice Cream Month and the seemingly never-ending ice cream options. If only we could taste test them all at the closest ice cream parlor!  

Instead of getting kicked out after the ninth sample, we try to highlight the various ice cream types and flavors that ice cream lovers need to try, including these three newly popular trendy ice cream flavors. 

Trendy Ice Cream Flavors

Miso ice cream 

There are five basic flavors: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami, a savory flavor. Miso is a great example of the different flavors being available in this paste. There are different varieties of miso pastes that vary in flavor and in strength. You can use saltier red miso or nuttier white miso in your ice cream, adding spices or add-ins according to your choice. Since it has a consistency similar to peanut butter, it is easy to add to your ice cream base if you are feeling adventurous. 

Lime ice cream 

Lime juice, lime zest, and don’t forget the heavy cream! While lime sorbet is a light delight, sometimes you want the creamier texture of ice cream. Adding egg creates a decadent custard reminiscent of your favorite summer pie. In fact, it’s easy to transform lime ice cream into a key lime type dessert by sprinkling crushed graham crackers, like in this Key Lime Ice Cream recipe. 

Mango ice cream 

Creamy and sweet. It’s an apt description for ice cream, but it perfectly describes mango ice cream. Blend juicy mangos, heavy whipping cream, and lemon juice together. Add in sugar and make your ice cream. In the end, there will be a bright orange, fruity scoop ready to enjoy. 

Make these and other dairy delicious ice cream flavors you can find in our dessert recipe section this July. 

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