3 Yummy Ways for Kids to Drink (and Love) Milk

Preparing good-for-you meals requires some planning, but when your audience includes picky eaters, it also takes creativity. 

Some kids are not fans of milk. Some don’t like cake and others don’t like broccoli. It is a preference that may change, but for now it dictates their food choices. While the kids may prefer to skip the milk, a milk-free diet during critical growing years could have multiple effects on child health, including not reaching their full height potential, an increase in stress fractures during adolescence, and a greater chance of osteoporosis as an adult. Rather than excluding milk from their diet, introduce milk through yummy beverages that the kids will love. 

It is not an impossible task. You are ready to choose veggie-hiding nuggets or the cookie-like bars that (shh) contain fruit. You choose exciting options for your family. Add real milk to the must-have list. Here are three yummy ways to get your kids to drink milk. 

Easy Ways for Kids to Love Milk

Make Milk Magical

flavored milk in milk bottles with striped straws

Bring milk to the interests that excite your kids. Milk is already magical, providing essential nutrients kids and parents need for their daily activities, including high-quality protein, vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. Make milk even more magical with creations sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. This Rainbow Unicorn Smoothie combines milk with vanilla yogurt and sweet strawberries, blueberries, and mango for a sweet drink. 

Serve Milk with Favorite Foods

family at restaurant eating pizza and milk

How many times can someone want chicken sliders in a day? A lot, apparently. It can be difficult to bring variety to meals when kids focus on one food. When the kids crave their new favorite food, serve it with a glass of cold milk. It’s a simple way to provide your kids access to essential nutrients while they enjoy the current best food in existence. 

Introduce Flavored Milk 

A healthy alternative to soft drinks and fruit juice, flavored milk has the same thirteen essential nutrients as plain milk. Chocolate or strawberry milk are popular options, but they don’t end there. Make unusual, tasty flavors at home! The kids will love experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying the results. 

Check out these other tasty milk-based recipes, or browse The Dairy Alliance blog for more ways to make your kids’ meals better. 

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