4 Home Projects That Use Milk

Does the arrival of spring bring the desire to spring clean and spruce up the house?  

A quick reorganization of the knickknacks, planting new flowers surrounding the mailbox, and power washing the porch are all part of an average spring weekend for you. You don’t necessarily enjoy the labor, but the final look will satisfy you until next year. 

If you’re searching for more to make everything look like new, read on! Below are four home projects you can do this spring that use milk. 

Redecorate with Milk Paint 

Yes, you can paint with milk! When wanting to switch-up old furniture, milk paint is a good option for a farmhouse or a more rustic look. You can make your own milk paint with milk, lime juice, a cheesecloth for straining, and powdered paint pigments of your choice, with some methods adding vinegar. After you strain the curds from your milk and lime juice mixture, you can mix your pigments and paint away. Then you can spend a nice morning outside testing your eyesight for missed spots—it just adds to the vintage look. 

Clean Leather 

Leather is durable, but it’s somehow also so easy to scratch it. Whether it’s a leather bag, a leather cushion, or leather pants, you can use milk to spot clean scuffs. Rub a rag dipped in milk over the area, remove with a rag dipped in warm water and then dry off. Now it’ll act and look long-lasting. 

Polish Silverware 

If you aren’t a fan of the smell of classic silver polish or brushing flatware with a spare toothbrush and a paste made with baking soda, try replacing it with milk. Cover and soak the pieces in milk overnight. Rinse and dry thoroughly to remove the excess tarnish. That’s it. No bending over the counter as you scrub each individual piece, just pour and forget. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Coconut Cream Pie

Mend Broken Plates 

This trick works when it’s a clean break. Collect the broken pieces of a broken plate, bowl or mug and bind with rubber bands. Place in a pot, cover with milk and heat on low for 1+ hours. Remove from milk and allow to cool before removing the bands. Then your plate is ready to hold delicious food again! Should we celebrate with a Bundt cake or Coconut Cream Pie

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