4 Ideas for a Bagel Showstopper

Bagels, a breakfast delicacy, have seen much-deserved love in recent years. It’s a blank canvas for whatever masterpiece you hope to create and devour. But as with all art, it requires lots of thought when breakfast time comes and the artist must get to work. 

The first big decision is, of course, what type of bagel you need for breakfast. Is it an everything bagel day? Jalapeno cheese? Plain? Each delicious bagel brings its own savory flavor to the meal. It’s an extremely crucial decision you must make so early in the morning. 

And then comes the next big decision: whatever will you put on your toasted bagel? Cream cheese is always a great choice, especially when there are so many available flavors. Yet there are mornings when you want something different. 

Don’t let your tired mind hinder your stomach’s creativity. Try something new on your breakfast bagel. 

For those who love the classics but want to change things slightly up, replace the classic cream cheese with quark. Quark is a soft, spreadable cheese similar in taste to Greek yogurt. Add your sliced avocado, bacon, or other favorite bagel toppings to your quark and be proud of your creation. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Scrambled Egg and Mozzarella Breakfast Pizza

Speaking of cheese, you can always stack on top of your toasted bagel plenty of ham and cheese. It’s a combination that’s great on a biscuit, so imagine how yummy it is on an everything bagel! This grilled cheese sandwich offers inspiration for a unique spin for your ham and cheese bagel, adding sliced apples for a touch of sweetness and extra crunch! 

If you want a bagel experience unlike one you’ve ever had before, make yourself a breakfast pizza. Substitute the egg muffin with your freshly baked bagel and pile on pizza sauce, cooked veggies, and eggs. Every pizza needs cheese, so don’t be shy in how much you sprinkle on top of your bagel before heating it in the oven for a heavenly bite. 

For those with a sweet tooth, spread Greek yogurt on your bagel, topping with sliced fruit like strawberries. Drizzle with honey for even more sweetness, or pair with the Refreshingly Raspberry Smoothie

When time for your next bagel showstopper, don’t forget to add dairy. 

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