4 Sandwiches Fit for an Earl

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From perfectly grilled cheeses to well-layered hoagies, there are plenty of sandwich styles and combinations to try. Served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, sandwiches are a quick yet tasty bite. 

And while sandwiches have existed for centuries on breads like naan, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, popularized the meal in England. While gambling, the Earl wanted something to eat that only required one hand. His cook placed sliced meat between two slices of bread. The combination soon became a staple for the Earl during games, and the demand for the meal grew around England. The combination was referred to as bread and meat, with an official name of sandwich appearing in the second half of the eighteenth century. 

Thanks to the Earl, sandwiches were seen as a meal meant to be served during gambling and drinking, much like how we see cheese dip or wings as tailgating foods. However, sandwiches became popular among English aristocrats, and once the industrial revolution hit, hungry workers popularized the sandwich as an on-the-go meal. 

Since the Earl found his favorite game day meal, sandwiches have become a dish that can be as simple or complex as desired, with seemingly endless options of condiments, toppings, and even breads! Try your hand at these delicious bites for a sandwich fit for a noble. 

For an appetizer everyone is sure to love, serve these Italian Panini Bites. Spread pesto sauce on Italian bread and stack Monterrey Jack, prosciutto, and roasted red bell pepper. Once grilled with the cheese perfectly gooey, slice and serve for a flavorful snack. 

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Grilled cheese is the most popular sandwich in America, and for good reason! It is a simple sandwich to make with a satisfying amount of melted cheese. This Portobello Grilled Cheese features Monterey Jack and crumbled blue cheese sure to deliver a photo-worthy cheese pull. 

This hearty San Francisco Grilled Chicken Sandwich features chicken breasts marinated in salad dressing and grilled, served on spinach and avocado, and topped with Swiss or Muenster cheese and salsa. Make ahead to treat yourself to a filling, tasty lunch during a busy workday. 

For a hot meal, bake these Toasted Italian Chicken Subs with provolone cheese, pepperoncini pepper rings, and pizza sauce. The recipe serves four, making this a great choice for an easy weeknight dinner.   

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