4 Tips For Thanksgiving Travel 

tips for thanksgiving travel

Over the river and through the woods… It’s that time of year again for tips for Thanksgiving travel. With Thanksgiving kicking off the holiday season, it brings a time of goodwill, family, and travel. 

Traveling doesn’t need to be a painful necessity of your holiday plans. Use these tips to prepare for a smooth drive that won’t deviate from the festivities. 

Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Leave Early 

It’s difficult to avoid holiday traffic. Either you travel with hundreds of your closest enemies or you get stuck behind someone trying not to spill the containers of gravy and warm cider balanced on the floorboards. And let’s not forget how many bathroom breaks are suddenly needed when there is finally open road ahead. Instead of stressing as the clock ticks closer to mealtime, head out with plenty of time for the unexpected. 

Pack Snacks 

Though you are traveling to a feast, that doesn’t mean your stomach is planning ahead. Avoid a long drive with hangry passengers by packing snacks that are filling and provide wellness. Snack bars, fruit cups, and milk bottles are great options that can be packed in a small cooler to pass around during the drive. 

Make a Playlist 

There are usually two choices of music during the holiday season: Christmas music—which, yes, begins playing earlier and earlier each year—and the current hits. If you want to get the festive mood but want to differentiate the day from other celebrations, make your own playlist. Include the favorites of everyone in the car, ending complaints about the music choice before they ever begin. And maybe you’ll make a Christmas playlist to play once the feast is over. 

Plan For Leftovers 

It doesn’t matter that you hauled the food there. The leftovers will not pack the same way back. Keep coolers, ice packs, and containers ready for any leftovers you want to bring back home. Keeping tote bags or towels in the trunk can also ease worries about mid-drive spills. 

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