5 Dairy Desserts to Win Over Your In-Laws

Throughout the year, you get along with your in-laws. There’s something about the holidays, though, that changes the dynamic. Maybe it’s the memory of past family get-togethers that bring the added pressure to a new host, or the discomfort of having to act as a guest during the busy, tiring winter months. Regardless, you must impress your in-laws with your menu, as if there isn’t enough pressure to host a family dinner. Use these 5 dairy desserts to win over your in-laws this holiday season. 

No one needs to know how simple these Mini Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecakes are to make. These two-bite cheesecakes are made with a simple sugar cookie crust using cookie dough. There is added decadence with the milk chocolate chips and tangy mascarpone cheese topped with chopped toasted hazelnuts that will leave the in-laws in stunned admiration. 

Crème Brulee is a classic dairy dessert that brings elegance to any meal. Made with milk, egg yolks, cinnamon, cane and brown sugars, this version is a simple yet tasty option to wow your guests with. If you aren’t a baker with a mini torch, an easy tip for caramelizing the top is included in the recipe.  

Store-bought ice cream is a delicious treat you can grab whenever you crave it, but when your in-laws have incredibly high expectations, you need a personalized touch to leave them satisfied. For a family with a sweet tooth at breakfast, use their favorite morning spread to create Cookie Butter Ice Cream. Combine cookie butter, crushed Biscoff cookies, and your dairy base for an easy-to-make ice cream that will have everyone at the table asking for another scoop. 

A truly Southern group of in-laws will appreciate a truly Southern dessert. Serve up a simple bread pudding made with flavors perfect for the colder weather—pumpkin and cranberries. Make this Pumpkin Cranberry Bread Pudding by filling a casserole dish with mashed pumpkin, dried cranberries, milk and eggs, and spices mixed and baked with cubed bread for a golden dessert that will please any Southern family. 

Baking show fans love a good trifle, and your guests will certainly be wowed with this showstopper Red Velvet Cake Trifle dessert! Make it easy by using a red velvet cake mix, but don’t worry about sacrificing flavor. The buttermilk in this dessert makes each bite perfectly moist. Using Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream with your cream cheese layers adds a special touch to this classic dessert. If you don’t have a traditional trifle bowl to serve this dessert perfect for the holidays, use decorative glasses for individual servings, giving you the chance to delight your mother-in-law with your gorgeous glassware. 

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