5 Family Activities During Social Distancing

This spring, many jobs and schools have gone virtual. Now that everyone is home together every day, finding new ways to spend each day with what you already own is becoming harder. Here are five family activities you can do during social distancing. 

Turn the Kitchen into a Family Area 

You don’t have to be a master chef to teach your kids their way around the kitchen. Spend an evening making cookies or recruit them for age-appropriate tasks in preparing your next meal. Download this cookbook of kid-friendly recipes or visit our recipe section

Organize a Bear Hunt 

Bear hunts are now a popular activity designed to keep kids entertained while safely leaving the home. The original concept was to place toy bears for children to spot as they ride around town or take a family walk, but the hunt is easy to personalize! Find a coloring sheet so the kids can personalize the hunt more. It can be any animal or object, you just need a story and some participants. Perhaps your version is a safari or a search for cows that have escaped from the barn. Unleash your creativity and plan a hunt in your neighborhood. 

Take a Virtual Dairy Tour 

Being home doesn’t mean you can’t learn, too. Spend a day on the farm with our virtual dairy tours. These videos cover various jobs on the dairy farm so you can better understand how your milk is made. You’ll be ready for that real-life tour you suddenly want.

Make Your Pet TikTok Famous 

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been scrolling through our phones while home. Being even more honest, we’ve been stretched out with our animals watching other animals. It’s a strange, comforting entertainment when we need a break. Instead of depriving the world of the cuteness beside you, switch to video and add your furry friend to the queue. Show off those strange quirks, take part in a challenge like a treat race or show off how precious the fur baby looks while sleeping. We’re all here for the content. 

Collect Milk Cartons for Crafts 

Southeast Dairy Association - milk

Milk carton crafts are great on their own or for bigger projects. Collect and clean used milk cartons for a number of crafts. With scissors and markers, you can find directions on making anything from flower petals to masks. If you need to organize, milk jugs are great storage. You can even use them to start your own garden. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas. 

There are plenty of ways to spend time together at home, and many of them can include dairy! Keep your family engaged during social distancing with these fun ideas and let us know how they turn out for you. 

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