5 Fun Holiday Games for the Entire Family

With loved ones filling your home, you need more entertainment than Christmas movies and light shows. Play these 5 fun games this holiday season made for the entire family. 

Southeast Dairy Association - holiday milk punch

Warm up your vocal cords—it’s time to sing! We all know the “12 Days of Christmas” songs, but can you remember the lyrics when your entire family is watching you perform? Contestants will line up as each person attempts to sing all 12 gifts. Once a day’s gift is messed up, the next contestant will test their memory. This is a quick game to play, as the first person to get through the song wins. Afterward, rest with  Holiday Milk Punch as you play the song on repeat. You will ace this game next year. 

Put your artistry to the test. Contestants need to draw on a paper plate whatever Christmas theme the judge decides. But there’s a catch—you have to draw with the plate on top of your head! After 30 seconds, the judge will call time and judge your creations. Will your drawing look more like a Christmas tree or a burning building? 

Grab the oven mitts! Once the mitts have grabbed all the appetizers from the oven, have everyone circle up. Next, hand over a wrapped box to the person wearing an oven mitt. Each person has 10 seconds to open the box while wearing the mitts before passing it on to the next person in the circle. The first person to open the gift enough to access the prize wins. While some people won’t even have the mitts on in 10 seconds, you can make the game more challenging by wrapping the prize in multiple boxes or using lots of tape. 

On your mark, get set, build! Grab your friends to compete to see who can create the best gingerbread house. It’s harder than it looks, as icing clogs in the bag or gumdrops fall from the roof. Will your structure survive to the final judging? 

Stocking stuffers rejoice! If you are always prepared with candy, chapsticks, gift cards, and more to even out the stockings, this game is for you! Wrap stocking stuffers in plastic wrap to create a giant ball with various gifts throughout the layers, with the grand prize in the center. Each participant will have two options: unroll the ball until a prize falls out or swap prizes with someone else. Participants won’t be able to see what prize is next, leading to the odd collection of dog treats, keychains, lotion, and anything else you can think to add as the dwindling ball is passed around. Whoever unrolls the grand prize wins! Make sure to have plenty of snacks around. Competition builds an appetite. 

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