5 Lunchbox Ideas for Back to School

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Summer break is wrapping up as schools across the country are beginning to welcome back students. While that means the return of tasty and nutritious school lunches, plenty of kids will also be opening their lunchboxes in the cafeteria. Serve these 5 delicious lunchbox ideas this fall that will make the kids love heading back to school. 

Easy Lunchbox Ideas

Cheesy Sandwiches with Apple Slices 

Biting into this ham and cheddar cheese sandwich with apple slices tucked neatly inside is the seasonal flavor perfect for the fall return to school. The Grilled Cheese Harvest Sandwich served with crunchy chips is the lunch we can all get excited about at any age. 

Simple Wraps for Yummy Bites 

The perfect swap for sandwiches when space is limited, wraps are a simple meal of cheese and deli meat that is so satisfying. And they are so easy to customize! Surprise the kids by swapping the tortilla wrap with a thick slice of cheese. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Avocado Yogurt Hummus

A Creamy Side of Hummus 

Guacamole or hummus? You don’t have to choose! Enjoy both with this Creamy Avocado Hummus served with slices of veggies like carrots, celery, or bell peppers. Pack with a pita wrap for a light yet filling meal. 

Make Your Own Pizza Slices 

Grab the bento-style lunchbox for this one! The best school days are the ones with pizza parties, so why not bring that enjoyment to the lunchbox? Pack pita chips, shredded cheese, pizza sauce, and their favorite toppings for a meal the other kids will be clamoring for. 

Egg Cups for an Early Lunch 

This is a perfect choice if the kids sneak part of their lunch into their mouths before they are even out the front door each morning. These Ham and Swiss Quiche Muffins are great make-ahead egg cups to pack with fresh fruit and yogurt. 

Count on The Dairy Alliance for Great Recipes

These delicious lunchbox ideas are just a small part of the vast collection of recipes you can find in The Dairy Alliance blog.

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