5 Soup Recipes to Warm Up This Winter


It’s that time of year where you layer your clothes but you still can’t feel your toes. When mid-winter chills make you wish for mid-summer heat, it’s time to grab a blanket, a mug, and a saucepan. Here are 5 soup recipes to keep you warm this winter: 

Southeast Dairy Association - White Bean Corn Chowder

White Bean Corn Chowder 

A chowder is essentially a thicker soup, so this White Bean Corn Chowder can be included in this essential list. The veggie-filled soup is sure to satiate your cravings during the winter weather. Using mashed white beans helps create a creamy texture for this hearty white bean chowder. And don’t forget the milk! Besides the milk needed for this soup, top with cheese to truly enjoy. 

South-of-the-Border Chili with Cheesy Corn Muffins 

Southeast Dairy Association - South of the Border Chili with Cheesy Corn Muffins

Sometimes, when the weather is cold, the best kind of soup is one that will open your sinuses, the kind of soup that includes so many delicious spices that you didn’t realize until that second bite that you couldn’t smell for two months. (Yes, chili is a stew, not a soup, but your body won’t complain.) Once your five senses have returned to you, honor the time old tradition of soaking bread in a soup by baking Cheesy Corn Muffins to dip into your chili. Yum! 

Coble Potato Soup 

Southeast Dairy Association - coble potato soup

For a delicious soup with minimal effort, try this creamy potato soup. You probably have these ingredients somewhere in the pantry, so skip braving the freezing temperatures for a trip to the store and enjoy a bowl of this tonight. Simply boil potatoes in a broth before adding the final ingredients, including whole milk, butter, and cheese. If bundled up, keep your blanket clear– you’ll want to keep this soup all for yourself. 

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup 

Southeast Dairy Association - roasted pepper tomato soup

Give a new twist to classic tomato soup, the choice everyone in your family will love. After sautéing the veggies, combine ingredients for tomato soup. There’s something for everyone. Parmesan cheese, Greek yogurt, and half-and-half bring a rich and creamy texture while the roasted red peppers provide a subtle addition to those seeking a grown-up tomato soup. It’s a perfect choice for chilly evenings with the family. 

Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup 

Southeast Dairy Association - broccoli cheese soup

You should feel warm from the name itself! Broccoli is mixed with Cheddar cheese, potatoes, and nutmeg, which are a recipe for comfort. Though it calls for lactose-free milk, choose the real milk that will put you in a long winter nap.  

Instead of wishing the months to go faster, take advantage of the weather and cozy up with a cup full of happiness this winter!  Visit our recipe section for more yummy foods to keep you warm on a night-in. 

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