5 Tricks for the Perfect Grilled Cheese

the perfect grilled cheese

April is National Grilled Cheese Month. And it is a well-deserved recognition! Grilled cheese is the comfort food for children and adults alike. All you need is butter, bread, and plenty of cheese for a satisfying lunch or family snack. While a grilled cheese sandwich doesn’t need fancy ingredients, that doesn’t mean you can’t perfect your technique or secret recipe. Use these 5 tricks to make the perfect grilled cheese during the month-long celebration. 

Make flavored butter to toast the bread. Spread a generous amount of flavored butter to your bread before toasting it on the stove. This is an easy way to add herbs or other seasonings to each bite. You can learn how to make your own flavored butter here

Use shredded cheese for a quick, even melt. And if you do use slices of cheese, make sure they will easily melt, like cheddar or mozzarella. 

Complement your cheese, don’t overwhelm it. What’s the difference between a grilled cheese and a melt? The cheese is the star in a grilled cheese. Add veggies, slices of bacon, and whatever else you want, but make sure it’s less than the amount of cheese. Here are some grilled cheeses with just the right amount of add-ons

Make a dip. There’s a reason a bowl of tomato soup is a favorite amongst grilled cheese lovers. A creamy dip brings added flavor to your grilled cheese for a comforting meal. If soup isn’t on the menu, grab a bottle of BBQ sauce, make a dressing, or experiment with a sweet jam.  

Pair with milk. Grilled cheese is a nostalgic meal, so complete the experience with a glass of cold milk. By the end of the meal, full and happy, you’ll be dreaming of your next bite of grilled cheese. 

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