5 Unusual Dairy-Based Cookies to Try

Let’s get straight to the point: cookies aren’t the simple dessert we pretend they are. There are so many flavors, like chocolate, lemon, or peppermint, and so many textures, like chewy, gooey, or crisp to choose from when you want a treat to dip in milk. You can never be bored with cookies and the many varieties available. And whatever you choose, they are always perfection—and gone too soon. 

It’s great to have a cookie favorite, but this Christmas, bake tasty cookies not yet in your recipe book. There are plenty of days in the month for a batch of the classic and a batch of the different. Try these 5 unusual dairy-based cookies below: 

Cream cheese cookies create a fluffy treat with a light vanilla flavor. Enjoy this cookie with a warm drink for a soothing break from Christmas prep. 

Almost a cracker, cheddar cookies are a thin bite with a sharp flavor. Serve as an appetizer or after-dinner snack with preserves available for additional flavor.  

Brown butter cookies are the definition of a gooey, rich cookie. Though this is more an ingredient that can be used in most cookies, brown butter is a dairy dream. 

Ricotta cookies aren’t savory cookies. The ricotta actually gives the cookies a light taste and softer texture. These cookies have a cake-like texture with a vanilla and lemon flavor. The cream cheese icing that often tops these cookies means that you’ll find yourself reaching for more. 

Savory and sweet, pimiento cheese cookies combine pimiento cheese with a fruity jam, baked either in the cookie or on top. Similar to a cheese biscuit, this cookie is a fun break from the rich cookies of the holiday season. 

And if you need more cookies, try these 5 milk and cookie pairings perfect for December. 

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