7 Things to Do with Your Leftover Valentine’s Day Candy

Whether that candy stash grew thanks to your loving valentine or you splurged on “Discount Candy Day,” you have sugar that you aren’t sure how to enjoy before it goes stale. You thought you had it under control, but in the days since, you’ve realized a problem thanks to their great mini sizes: It takes too long to eat them individually and you feel the guilt when each candy’s individual wrapper is added to the pile. Instead of tossing sweets to avoid guilt, combine your remaining candy with dairy products like fluid milk to create sweet Valentine’s Day leftovers. Here are 7 foods to make with your leftover Valentine’s day candy using dairy products. 

Candy Cake 

If the worst thing for you is how small Valentine’s Day candy chocolate is, make it big! Create a lava cake with leftover chocolate or make your favorite cake topped with conversation hearts. Yum! 

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Hot Chocolate 

Simply drop chopped chocolate into a heated mug of milk in a mug and stir. Make it fancy by adding cinnamon, sea salt, vanilla extract, or even more chocolate. We have several special flavors you can use for inspiration. 


Combine melted chocolate with cream or condensed milk, a splash of vanilla, and any extras you crave. Shape the mixture into balls and refrigerate for a no-bake treat. 

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Chocolate Fondue 

We have a Cheddar Fondue for date night, but when the candy is piling up, make a chocolate fondue instead. Take melted leftover milk chocolates, marshmallow crème, and heavy cream and serve with fresh fruit to dip. 

A Snacking Combo

Grab ingredients for your favorite trail mix combination like nuts, yogurt bites, and crumbled cheese cubes and add chopped Valentine’s Day candy. If you want a bigger snack, spread melted chocolate on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Top with additional leftover Valentine’s Day candy and marshmallows and freeze. 

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Chocolatey Breakfast 

Have a sweet breakfast. Melt and drizzle some chocolate of your choosing over a thick slice of cooked bacon. While it sits in the refrigerator cooling, make a parfait or Cinnamon Swirl Yogurt French Toast to top with your remaining melted chocolates. 


Throw your leftover candy into your cookie dough mix. If your cookies are the break-and-bake type, add your candy while the cookies are cooling as a sweet topping. 

What creative tricks will you think up to combine a sweet gift from your valentine with delicious dairy?

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