A Cheesy Love

grated cheese

It’s a situation that happens all too often. You go out with friends for a nice dinner. The waiter brings out your delicious food and cheese. “Say when,” you hear as the cheese begins to fall across the food. You watch the plate with hunger. It’s beautiful. You are tempted to wait, but you worry about the looks from the waiter and friends as the cheese begins to collect. Reluctantly, you stop the cheesy cascade.  

To the self-described cheese-heads out there that aren’t referring to football, don’t be embarrassed. You have a great appreciation for a food that others don’t always treat with the respect it deserves. The next time someone gives you a strange look for your love, remember these reasons why your love of cheese is the best love. 

  1. You can add cheese “for nutrition” and be applauded. With temptations all around, sticking to a healthy diet seems impossible. The health-conscious are revered. With anything homemade, sprinkling some cheese over your creation is obviously your method of getting necessary calcium and protein, not for the flavor. Your friends will be awed with your dedication and skill. You’ll be awed by that melted, gooey consistency. 
  2. You can add cheese to most meals. Add your favorite cheese to sandwiches, pasta, vegetables, soups, etc. You crave new recipes like Cheesy Stuffed Meatball Cups or any sandwich that includes “grilled cheese” in the name. The possibilities only end with how far you decide to experiment. Your love for a food so versatile can’t be misplaced. 
  3. There are so many options! Mozzarella, cheddar, feta, Swiss, the list goes on and on! There are so many types of cheese—so many flavors and textures– that it’s strange how people can claim an indifference to cheese.

Don’t feel guilty for your love affair with cheese. You have good reason. Next time the waiter asks how much cheese you want, let your heart decide the time to say “when.” 

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