A Savory Bite into Ice Cream

maple ice cream

Ice cream is famous for its sweetness, but why limit your options on your ice cream break? Try a savory bite into ice creams with unusual flavors. Below are 5 popular savory ice cream options to look for. 

Savory Ice Cream to Die For

Mac and cheese is an ice cream flavor that has confused and delighted those brave enough to taste test the offering. Made with cheese powder, it is a nostalgic bite of the macaroni and cheese we all love, but ice cream. It’s a simple yet complex idea. Your brain may not understand what is happening, but your taste buds are begging for more. 

There is nothing like the smell of bacon in the morning, but what about the taste of maple bacon ice cream? Crumbled bacon bits, swirls of maple syrup, and a hint of brown sugar come together in this surprising but not unwanted dessert. 

A cheesy base is the key to a pizza ice cream. If you are a tomato-based pizza lover, don’t worry you’ll be missing out. Everything you want in a pizza is there… in an ice cream. We have all eaten a cold slice of pizza for breakfast, so is this flavor really that out there? 

A satisfying snack, often one for as you survey the backyard, is a fluffy, flaky buttermilk biscuit filled with locally made jam. Now imagine buttermilk ice cream loaded with crumbled biscuit bites and fruity jam swirls. That’s the perfect way to continue the tradition in hot afternoons. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Walnut Caramel Ice Cream

And we all have an interest in foods that are salty and sweet. Whether you enjoy fries dipped in a milkshake or chocolate-covered potato chips, that stark contrast is a tempting combination. While not fully savory, it is a combination perfect for an unusual ice cream. This Walnut Buttermilk Ice Cream topped with salted caramel sauce is a great option. 

If these flavors tickle your fancy, pick a savory bite of ice cream on your next day out. 

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