A Taste of the Fair

There are three reasons people go to the state fair: the rides, the exhibits and the amazing snacks. While some states are making fair events virtual this year, you can’t enjoy your favorite fair bites through a screen. 

The food is one of the most important parts of the fair experience. When the fair comes to town, you run to your favorite food stall. The line for funnel cakes is always miles long, but well worth the wait. The search for cheesy corn dogs is an adventure every year. (There’s just something about walking the fairgrounds that makes you crave it.) Or perhaps your go-to is pairing a scoop of ice cream with glazed churros. 

Or maybe your fair treat is one you create yourself, sharing with friends or family members as you watch workers set up and plan your path for the day the gates open. Your homemade planning-meals include a sweet cotton candy milkshake that keeps you cool, cheese curds with dipping sauces for plenty of tasty combinations, an award-winning cherry pie with a crust coated in milk for the whole family to enjoy, and so many more fair classics that you’ve perfected for this time of year. Seriously, don’t get us started on your fried ice cream made from scratch. It is a true marvel. 

It’s time to share your favorite taste of the fair with us. Head to the kitchen and show off your renowned summer treats or try your hand at something that you want to enjoy all year round—cream puffs, anyone? The only stipulations are by no means limiting: include at least 8 oz of real milk and one additional dairy product. Dairy is an essential ingredient in many fair food favorites, so whether you make your snack just like the workers at your go-to stall or you give it a homemade twist, you’ll be sure to have a tasty creation. 

Don’t be secretive with your fair recipes this year. This year, we all want to bring the taste of the fair home. 

The Taste of the Fair runs September 14 – October 16, 2020. Learn more here

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