A Taste of Tradition at Mississippi Blues Brunch

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Sunday mornings develop a bit differently than all the rest.

Sundays are for sleeping in a little later. There is a slower rhythm in the air and life is allowed to happen bit by bit. For many, Sundays are for brunch. Moving at a slower tempo allows family and friends to gather ‘round a table mid morning for a meal that infuses breakfast dishes with lunch-sized portions.

Dining out for brunch is a great way to enjoy gourmet food on a laid-back weekend. That is exactly what my family experienced one Sunday morning at Seafood R’evolution’s Mississippi Blues Brunch. Their family-focused meal features live entertainment with a versatile and decadent brunch menu.

The mood is set the moment you walk in, with the sounds of Jackson, Mississippi’s finest blues musician, Chris Gill, playing iconic tunes. Guests are warmly welcomed and children are greeted with a balloon. Each table receives a basket of handmade biscuits with a Mississippi molasses butter that will melt your cares away. The only dilemma one may encounter is deciding what to order, but I have a few recommendations.

Ricotta Cheesecake
Ricotta Cheesecake

There is a Southern accent to each item on the not-quite-breakfast, not-quite-lunch menu. To start, guests can choose from the famed “Death by Gumbo” or the classic “Snapping Turtle Soup.” I applaud Seafood R’evolution’s signature “Beer-battered Crab Beignets” stuffed with creamy cheese, served with four rémoulade sauces and the “Wood-Roasted Oysters” topped with Parmesan cheese, lemon and bread crumbs. Pair any of the appetizers together to create a unique meal for one. I encourage you, however, to split a starter or two with others and expand your meal to add additional flavors from the main menu.

Whether you have a hankering for a brunch sandwich, traditional breakfast or full-on entrée, the Mississippi Blues Brunch delivers. The “Steak and Egg sandwich”—featuring prime rib, caramelized onion, aged Cheddar and eggs on French bread—will satisfy the largest of appetites. Sticking to breakfast, I ordered the “Gulf Crab Omelet,” featuring crab, mascarpone, Creole cream cheese and roasted red pepper cream. The omelet is perfectly portioned to be paired with a side of Cheddar jalapeño grits.

While we lingered over a slice of orange-glazed ricotta cheese cake and freshly brewed coffee, I started pondering what to order on my next visit; the “20-hour House-Smoke Brisket” the “Sweet Potato Waffles,” or a plate of “Crab Claws R’evolution.”

From start to finish, the Mississippi Blues Brunch at Seafood R’evloution creates a space for even the busiest of families to pause and go on a culinary adventure, rich in Southern charm and tradition.

– Rebecca Turner MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Rebecca Turner

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