A Valentine’s Dinner for Everyone

This decade is proving to be one of uncertainty. A last-minute change of plans is the norm. With Valentine’s Day approaching, you don’t want to be caught off guard on the night with the highest expectations of the year. 

Read on to find the perfect way to spend an evening with your valentine. 

Instead of trying to plan a night on the town with limited seating, roll up your sleeves to create a dinner for a romantic date night at home. This Creamy Spinach Risotto is an Italian staple that will leave you impressed with your own cooking. Whether the background is candles and smooth jazz or the pile of tonight’s chores with the sounds of a barking dog, take time to enjoy the moment together and the “Oh, can I have seconds?” that leaves you proud of a successful February 14. 

For a night with the kids, make dinner special, And to children, every celebration deserves pizza. Bring home pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and all the kids’ favorite pizza toppings. Tonight, everyone is a pizza maker. Help roll the dough into a heart shape before letting the kids prepare their personal pizza as they’d like. It’s an easy way to recognize the day of love with those closest to you. 

We don’t believe in Valentine’s Day here. For those who dread the expectations of the day and would rather treat it as any other day of the year, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated. Instead of a heartwarming night filled with enough stress to cause heartburn, try a warming meal that takes the stress of dinner away. These Meatballs in Creamy Tomato Sauce with Burrata use store-bought meatballs and require little prep time. Serve this dish with toasted crostini for a satisfying, casual meal. But if you throw out a light “Happy Valentine’s Day,” the dinner won’t be out of place. 

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