Aaah! It’s Ice Cream Month!

Chocolate Brownie Lovers Ice Cream

As the weather warms to higher temperatures, you may find yourself torn between thoughts of indulging in a comforting, cold treat and meeting your goals for living a healthier lifestyle. For your emotional and mental well-being, give yourself permission to relax with your favorite frozen treat! What’s “healthy living” without a little self-care, anyway?

Self-care and healthy eating patterns look different for everyone. If you’re focused on cutting back on added sugar this summer, some ice cream brands are cutting back on refined white sugar or using natural sweeteners, like fruit purees, honey, or molasses, to flavor their products instead. The Nutrition Facts Label will tell you how much added sugar is in each serving and can guide you towards choosing a lower-sugar product that best suits your wants and needs.

If you approach healthy living from a non-restrictive perspective and intentionally make space in your eating pattern for special treats, focus on portion sizes and moderation instead of trying to avoid foods dubbed “bad” or “off limits.” This strategy can help you satisfy your cravings, while maintaining your health goals long-term. Portion control is possible with any container of your favorite ice cream, but miniature-sized novelty treats are gaining traction in grocery stores. Choosing smaller portion sizes is a great way to balance your goals for both emotional and physical health.

If staying busy in the kitchen is a stress-reliever for you, consider making your own ice cream at home! If you prefer rich and sweet flavors, try these recipes for Chocolate Brownie Lovers Ice Cream or Birthday Cake Batter Ice Cream. If you prefer a fruitier and tangier treat, check out our recipe for Key Lime Ice Cream instead.

Peruse the ice cream aisle or treat yourself to any of The Dairy Alliance’s tasty treats in honor of National Ice Cream Month!

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