Anyone Can Be an Agvocate 

Just because National Dairy Month is almost over does not mean that advocating for dairy ends. Everyone, from the dairy farmer to the dairy lover, can share the products with their community.  

If you aren’t already convinced, read on to discover how anyone can be an agvocate for the dairy industry. 

The dairy community extends beyond dairy farmers and their families. Dr. Emily, a large animal veterinarian in South Carolina, recently attended the Dairy Day at Anderson County Farmers’ Market in South Carolina in celebration of National Dairy Month. Joining the Anderson County Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee, Dr. Emily shared her experience with attendees of working with dairy cows and dairy farm families to provide the best cow care they can. Dairy farmers provide their cows with clean and comfortable housing, fresh water, food, and medical attention when necessary. Dairy farmers know that healthy, happy cows produce higher-quality milk, making the animals’ well-being a top priority. 

Virginia Dairy Princess Sarah Craun participated in Beef and Dairy Day at the General Assembly this June. In her role as the Virginia Dairy Princess, Sarah had the opportunity to spend a day at the state capitol that was filled with networking, socializing, and plenty of snacking on nutritious and delicious dairy products. Sarah was able to discuss the Virginia dairy industry with Governor Glen Youngkin and advocate for farmers statewide. Farmers are sharing their sustainability efforts and farming practices to produce milk for generations to come. Having advocates like Sarah helps get the message out. 

And to advocate agriculture to the community, as part of the National Dairy Month festivities, watch a tour of Ed-Mar Dairy in Northern Kentucky put on by the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization. Though filmed a few years ago, former Miss Kentucky Alex Francke and dairy farmer Eddie Gibson lead viewers around the farm for what is still a truly educational experience explaining a day on the farm and showcasing local dairy. As part of the #MissKYProud series, Alex featured the state’s agriculture industry, sharing with viewers across Kentucky how close to home the industry truly is. 

However you are connected to dairy, from a worker on a farm to someone who will never say “no” to more cheese, you can be an agvocate for the sustainable dairy industry. 

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