Are You Ready to Fall Back?

Finally, Daylight Saving Time is over. The clocks have fallen back and you feel it in that hour of “sleeping in” during the cold mornings. You’re more awake in the mornings and you’re ready for bed at night. All is right with the world. When things go your way you start to consider that perhaps what brings holiday cheer is returning to our lives’ regularly scheduled program.

So why does time feel like it’s on your side again?

Admit it, people don’t like change. The spring mornings of feeling groggy due to the time change were tough. Your body had a schedule and it didn’t care what time the clock said it now was, it didn’t want to change. It was too early to eat, sleep, or act awake. The sudden change in schedules for everyone was not easy to conform to. Meanwhile, when Daylight Saving ends and time resumes its normal schedule, it takes some getting used to, but you’re thankful to feeling ahead during the hectic time of year. Maybe time will stay the same next year! You’ll gladly accept the change one more time.

Unless you happen to be a cow, in which case there is no up-side.

While humans grumble but adapt, cows simply don’t do change. Cows are very strict about their daily schedule. There’s a time for everything, regardless of what the dairy farmer says. Some cows are even stubborn about what section of the milking parlor they will be milked in or where they sleep, so imagine a cow’s frustration with suddenly being expected to wait an extra hour to resume their routine.

They will not quietly hate a new schedule. Dairy farmers don’t have particularly happy cows when Daylight Saving ends, and the cows make sure they know it.

The best example is the calves who are also not a huge fan of the time change. Throughout the year they are fed at the same time, so they expect their breakfast on time! They are sure to let the dairy farmers know they aren’t happy about waiting that extra hour. Imagine a herd of hangry babies and toddlers waiting on you. Farmers are typically greeted by a choir of mooing babies on that morning until they adjust to the time changes.

Cows are truly habitual animals, so any change in their schedule can throw them off! Even if it is just an hour of difference, they know when something is off! So whether the dairy farmer slowly moves the schedule or tells the angry cows to quit being moody because everyone is adapting to the new time, there will be some grumpy cows for a few days following the time change.

Daylight saving time is truly a great time for all of us to learn how to adapt to change. We’re looking at you, dairy cows.

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