Awkward Moments Require a Reset with the Benefits of Milk

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Relaxing with some delicious foods and milk can help your mind and body reset after some stressful or awkward life moments.  The benefits of milk are physical and mental.

There are lots of moments we would like to forget. There is… 

…that moment when you said “I love you” as you ended a call with your boss. They were nice enough to go along with it. 

…that time you accidentally sent a photo appropriate for your friends, but an inappropriate one for your family to the wrong group chat. Janice, it’s funny when you know the context. 

…that cringe-inducing story of how you told everyone you met for years—new friends, coworkers, and even the town’s new pastor—you were irreverent. You assumed the definition when you should have simply looked up what it means. 

And that’s just to name a few! You still haven’t forgotten “the incident” from first grade or even the secondhand embarrassment when you didn’t think to explain what “lol” means to your uncle before letting him post about his dog’s surgery.  

There are plenty of awkward moments in life to move past. When you create a new one, it’s time to reset yourself with the benefits of milk

Reset with the Benefits of Milk

What does that mean? 

We all need a moment to recover from the devastation we create. Is that a bit extreme? Absolutely, but we are left reeling when life does not go the way we intend it to. Taking a break to consume dairy is not only a moment to reflect on where it all went wrong, but it gives you the tools you need to move on from these awkward moments.  

A break with dairy can bring a moment of calm, but milk also provides 13 nutrients to help with your wellness despite your embarrassing attempts to do otherwise.  

Those embarrassing, awkward moments won’t ruin your days. A quick break reminds you that it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it’s a funny story to share about yourself later once life proves to not be ruined. 

So take a moment. Sip on milk, laugh at yourself, careful not to laugh so hard milk comes out of your nose, and move on. Milk is your reset. 

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