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Over the past several weeks, our daily routines have seen quite a change as we have all tried to find a new “normal.” While many things around us may be different, it’s important to keep our bodies nourished with nutrient-rich foods and stick with a consistent meal schedule. This helps provide some normalcy, reduces frequent snacking between meals, and ensures we are getting the right balance of nutrients we need to maintain health. 

Southeast Dairy Association - buttermilk cheddar cheese scone

Enjoying breakfast in the morning is nothing new in my house, but what we eat and how we eat breakfast looks a little different. Instead of occasionally taking food “on-the-go” or grabbing something on the way to work, it is now back to basics as we enjoy breakfast at home each morning. Sometimes it’s a simple smoothie, made with milk and Greek yogurt, for a protein and calcium-rich start to the day, or oatmeal made with milk and topped with dried fruit and nuts. More recently, I’ve enjoyed baking on the weekends, which has included making scones. Pairing a scone with an egg, fresh fruit, and a cup of coffee or tea with a splash of half-and-half has become my favorite way to start the day!

How we eat breakfast also looks a little different. Working from home, and having additional free time has made technology more accessible and sometimes difficult to step away from, so my family has made a point now to avoid it at the breakfast table. No phones, no email, no news or TV until after breakfast. What we do, see or hear in the morning can truly impact the rest of our day, and if we can at least enjoy a balanced breakfast before taking on the world, we set ourselves up to be better prepared, both physically and mentally.

When our daily schedules become filled once again and kids go back to school and activities, you may find that having family breakfast together is easier to do than family dinner every night. Remember, stick to the basics and keep breakfast simple with something like a Greek yogurt bowl or overnight oats so that each family member can add their own favorite toppings!

Karman Meyer is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author in Nashville, and her work has been featured in publications such as US News & World Report,, and As the founder and recipe creator behind, Karman is passionate about sharing the facts about food and nutrition with her readers and works to encourage others to feel more confident about cooking healthy, delicious meals at home.

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