Bad Puns for Bad Plays

No one is entirely sure what the football season will look like this year. Well, no one is entirely sure what the football season will look like any year. It doesn’t matter if you prefer professional, college, or high school games. Some years are epic and others are stunning missteps. While there are always bad plays, bad calls, and just bad games, the moments are still a blow.  

Sure, part of being a football fan is being invested in the game, regardless if it’s good or bad, but sometimes you need to get yourself out of a particularly bad experience. (Why, oh why, did you think this would be fun? This matchup is never fun!) Grab the nachos and settle in, because we have the solution to enjoying the game, even when your devotion makes it hard to watch. Instead of the groans of a bad play, groan over these 4 bad puns. 

What did the coach say to the cows?  

“Now get out there and give me 2%!” 

It seems the coach isn’t a whole milk kind of guy.  

Why was the cow removed from the game?  

She was an udder disappointment. 

The poor girl still isn’t sure what happened. Normally, she’s outstanding in her field. 

What did the cow wear to the football game?  

A Jersey. 

Now that’s a fashion statement

Where do cow quarterbacks go?  

Out to pass-ture. 

This leaves so many questions. Where do cow linebackers go? 

When the game is too hard to watch, it’s time to pull out these bad cow puns. 

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