Be a Good Neighbor

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… 

Whether you’re in a studio apartment or on acres of land, neighbors always find a way into your space. It’s a perfect situation for extroverts. If you’re not a people person, though, or at least need limited human interactions for the day, the cold weather is your excuse to hide from the people that surround you. Once the temperatures rise, though, the excuses melt away. Don’t create weak excuses to get away from people. Instead, follow these memorable ways to have human interaction this summer and still have days to yourself. 

Beat the Heat with Ice Cream 

For those hot evenings, host an ice cream party. Invite neighbors over for a quick treat. Pick up a container at the store or try your hand at homemade ice cream. Set up a table with bowls and plenty of topping options. Kids will get a sugar high and run off to play while adults enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. You can be social with several people in a memorable setting—but the obvious perk for you is the ice cream! 

Cook Out 

Who doesn’t like food? You might not have the time to prepare for a BBQ, but if you’re firing up the grill, invite guests to an impromptu potluck. With more mouths to feed, you can test new meals and have helpers to get everything you forgot inside.  

Enjoy the Sun 

It’s easy for Southern summers to become hot and sticky. Spend those early mornings or rare perfect days in the greatest tradition of all— spending all your spare time on the porch. People watch and wave to passerby as you enjoy this happy medium between alone time and neighborhood parties. Enjoy a cold smoothie to enjoy the heat for a little longer.  

This summer, be a good neighbor with dairy, ensuring easy connections and happy tastebuds. 

It’s a beautiful day for dairy and time with neighbors. 

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