Be Honest: Is Your Christmas Tree Still Up?


Now that the most wonderful time of the year is again months away, the light displays are disappearing, the Christmas music has gone silent, and the tv channels have returned to their regularly scheduled programming. But where are you with your Christmas tree tear-down? 

I took my tree down already. The holidays are over. 

Just because the decorations aren’t up doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the winter months. Meatballs in Creamy Tomato Sauce with Burrata isn’t specific to a holiday, but it’s perfect to gather around on a chilly evening. Dip crostini in the creamy sauce as you make the most of winter nights at home. 

I’ll take my tree down soon. I want to enjoy it a little longer. 

Bring the family together to take down the tree. Hunt for ornaments buried deep in the boughs and solve the puzzle of the tangled Christmas lights. Before you put up the last of your Christmas reminders, serve up Hot Chocolate Dip with sliced apples or pretzels as a fun snack with a festive feel. If your Christmas tree is artificial, pack it up with promises of seeing it soon. If it’s a real tree that’s quickly drying out, send it to be recycled as mulch and other items. All that’s left to do is vacuum up the needles once—or five—times. 

Wait. My tree is supposed to come down? 

After all that effort, why not keep the tree up year-round? You swap out ornaments and tree skirts according to the occasion, making your holiday centerpiece a yearlong decoration. And who wouldn’t want to sit around the Valentine’s Day tree with a mug of this Chocolate Comfort Sipper? You don’t take the negative judgment of others. It makes you happy. Besides, it’ll be time for the Christmas tree soon enough. 

Wherever you are with your holiday teardown, we have the recipes to bring your helpers together. Find more winter-worthy dairy recipes here.  

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