Brr-ing On the Milk


December brings cold weather, which is not only a relief after the sweltering summer, but it is also the perfect excuse to curl up in your favorite chair and watch Hallmark movie marathons. Your goal for the day is to keep warm as you cry over new love and happy families, all with the soundtrack of Christmas pop music that brings on a watery smile and a slow body sway. There’s an easy and dairy delicious way to achieve the perfect Christmas movie marathon day. During the commercial break, reach for your fuzzy slippers and head to the kitchen. It’s time to bring on the milk for a warm drink.  

There’s plenty of options for your movie day. Try one or try them all. You do have 3 more movies to finish before bed. 

To feel the holiday spirit, make Holiday Milk Punch. Combining warm chai and milk with cinnamon, vanilla, and nutmeg, this punch will taste like Christmas in a cup, perfect for the slow-dance scene in the snow. 

This Hazelnut Hot Chocolate brings a new spin to the classic winter mug. Warm chocolate milk with hazelnut syrup topped with whipped cream for a hot chocolate you can imagine the characters on the screen tasting as they head out of the coffee shop on their first date. Honestly, you’d fall in love while sipping on that, too. 

Or perhaps you want something cold as an excuse to pull on the fleece pjs and wrap up in an oversized blanket. Create an ice cream that will have Santa Claus joining in for a scoop with this Milk and Cookies Ice Cream, no ice cream maker required. If you’d prefer something cold to drink, a Peppermint Milkshake with white chocolate is a great way to stay on theme, especially when it’s time for the main character and her niece to have a heart-to-heart under the tree. 

For more winter-perfect drinks and good movie-marathon snacks, browse these dairy-filled recipes

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