Building BoneGevity Bite-by-Bite

cheesy supreme crustless pizza

It’s a well-known fact: there’s just nothing ‘humerus’ about weak bones. You likely have heard about the importance of building strong bones and are on board to help ensure your skeleton can support you through every phase of life. But now what?

No matter what your age, there’s always an opportunity to embrace eating and exercise habits that can deposit strength and longevity into your bone health ‘bank’ – and help minimize the weakening ‘withdrawals’ as you get older. We call that building BoneGevity – and here’s how you can do it with your diet:

Think of bone-building nutrition as a coordinated production. While calcium takes center stage as the essential ‘star of the show’, vitamin D and protein also play key supporting roles. Lesser-known vitamin K2, richly found in dairy, meats, and egg yolks, also helps guide calcium where it needs to go. While drinking a glass of milk, eating a yogurt or adding cheese to any meal is an easy way to deliver these powerhouse nutrients in a pinch, some culinary creativity can make healthy changes more sustainable. These simple bone-building recipes can help you make the most of your meals.

Even if your mornings are a blur, try prepping these protein-packed Ham & Swiss Quiche Muffins the night before to grab on your way out the door.  At lunch, boost your bone health by topping a leafy green salad with lean meat and this Buttermilk-Blue Cheese Dressing. Then dinner could be this Cheesy Supreme Crustless Pizza for a seriously-delicious dose of all those key nutrients we need. Who knew that building BoneGevity could be so tasty?

Laura Marchese MS, RDN, LD is a registered dietitian who is passionate about promoting no-nonsense nutrition science and simple strategies to help people better nourish themselves and their families. As the founder of Nourishing Nutrition Consulting and ‘A Healthier You in 2’ online video series, Laura enjoys translating the science of food and nutrition into more ‘digestible’ information that can empower people to make better choices. Connect with Laura on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a daily dose of healthy eating inspo and insight.

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