Milk Consumption: How to Enjoy Cereal with Milk

milk consumption

There is controversy on the breakfast aisle. No, the fight isn’t between marshmallows or grains to pour in your morning cereal bowl. Instead, a simple question is dividing cereal lovers: when making your morning bowl of breakfast, should you pour the cereal into the bowl first or the milk? Hmmm, let’s explore this aspect of cereal and milk consumption.

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Cereal first, milk second. Any other way is the wrong way. 

Pouring the cereal first allows the eater to portion out how much they actually want to eat. And then once the milk is poured, the cereal has absorbed enough of the milk by the first bite to be absolute perfection first thing in the morning. 

Plus, pouring the milk after the cereal means there is no large splash when the cereal lands. No mess and a perfectly milk-soaked bowl of cereal? It’s the only way to enjoy delicious cereal. 

No, no, no. Pouring the milk first is the proper way. 

Pouring the milk before the cereal keeps your cereal of choice crunchy for longer. Those who are pouring the milk first end up eating soggy cereal halfway through the bowl. And it keeps the taste of milk. Milk goes in before cereal is added to keep the cereal from getting soggy and—horror—keeps the milk free of soggy cereal crumbs. 

Milk Consumption

The best way is to skip the cereal. Go straight for the milk! 

Why go through the added steps of pulling out a bowl and spoon, opening a box of cereal, and finding the right cereal-to-milk ratio when we all know we are there for that satisfying sip at the end of the bowl–that moment when the cereal is gone so you lift the bowl to your lips, pause in anticipation, and then turn the bowl up to gulp down every drop. I’ll enjoy the milk directly from the jug. 

Don’t have an opinion? Go make yourself a bowl and find out your preference. All you need is a bowl, cereal, milk, and an open mind. 

Find your next cereal to overload on milk consumption here.

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